Happy World Book Day!!!

Well hello book adventurers!

So I’ve learned that today was World Book Day! Which is amazing in my opinion to have a day which is dedicated to reading and to have an excuse to read all day without anyone giving you guff for doing so. 

People usually give me guff when I read instead of other things but today I laughed maniacally in victory as I indulged in a well loved activity & hobby!

Muahahaha!!….Ahem Anywho I hoped that everyone was able to pick up a good book/finished a good book, found an awesome graphic novel, listened to an enticing audio book or was amused by a fanfiction today whichever gives you joy on this literary supporting day! 

Though I hope people continue to read ad happily after today but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Happy Reading!!!!



an awkward person who likes many things such as comics/cosplay/books/horror/cartoons and possibly many more.

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