Omgosh I forgot to post this!!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Well hello everyone! I had meant to post earlier, but I was a bit busy with the reality that is life ヽ(´□`。)ノ so even though this is pretty late I would like to celebrate two awesome nerdy days that were a week apart but was amazing that I have the need to write about them!!!

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) So on 4/29/2017 for my local comic shop was Game Board Day! And what this particular day is about is having people getting interested in board games! Bit obvious I know, but it’s more fun than it sounds!! Like worth my comic shop they had different tables dedicated to different types of board games and was helping newbies(( like me)) learn those games for free. No obligation to buy just the lovely enjoyment of someone learning a game. Anywho, yes different types of board games!! Such as,

  1. Strategy game ((multi or co-op))
  2. Elimination game
  3. Card games
  4. Table Top
  5. Nostalgia childhood games
  6. Many more that I couldn’t see (;¬_¬)

It’s a good day if you have friends that usually don’t play board games just because you can introduce a variety of games to them, maybe they didn’t know their favorite show was made into a game like Doctor Who the card game or Firefly Clue edition, or maybe both of you can become obsessed with a new game together, or even just watching others play and see what kind game dynamic works for you and/or friend. Just a good day overall since you get to learn new games but you don’t have to spend money to learn! You can plan out which game is now on your “MUST NEED” list and spend accordingly for the future.

My comic shop was also doing a little raffle which I entered and got a cool little prize! Well cool for me, I suppose, anyway I got a dice pack for a game I love playing with my friends Zombicide by the company Cool mini or not! Zombicide is a Co-Op strategy game where the player aka the survivors have to fight together to complete a mission and find safety together without dying from the zombie hoards.

I love this game just because you have to work together to win. No sneaky trickery or double cross just straight up work together or no one wins!!! Also this particular game has lots of expansion packs so no mission will be the same, there are multiple survivors to choose from, and endless different unique zombies and goodies!!! Never boring ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

But this day when it came made me sad as well as happy just because it reminded how little I participate in a game night since reality likes to butt in and being just plain rude by ruining my chances to play and fun! I shall continue to fight reality with my little fire of hope to have a more regular game night!! Shall not surrender \(`0´)/

Sigh…anyway the following week on 5/6/2017 was Free Comic Book Day!!!!!!

A very incredible day to indulge in! This day is always the FIRST SATURDAY of May. Remember the FIRST SATURDAY of May!! Also another good day to introduce those who don’t know much about comics or are interested in starting a collection in my opinion just for the fact that like the name of said day you get certain comics for free!! Now not all comics apply just the ones that your local comic provider specifies.

Don’t be that guy!!!

Anywho after asking your local comic provider which comics are part of the free comic day and the rules going about it ((ex: can only grab 5 from the free comic area per person)) Respect the rules that they provide! The comics laid out have variety from Sci-fi, cartoons, superhero, TV show based, suspense/horror, Adventure, and helpful guide comic of either collectionting comics or what comics are to come! So it’s a goodcway to find out what kind of comic you or your friend will like and can either add or start collecting from those awesome freebies! Especially since on such a day the comic shop will usually have a discount on the rest of the comics in store to help you collect O(≧▽≦)O

Which for me this day had me overindulge in my love of comics because of discounts and lack of visiting to keep up with storyline in the comics I collect. But was totally worth it!!!!

So that was my belated rant….? Ramblings…?? Long post about those particular days which I hope everyone got to enjoy board games and comics these past Saturdays! Or in general!!!

If anyone knows any cool games or comic series that would like to share please do!! Put name of game or comic in comments so I may check them out just because I would like to check out new stuff!!!

Thank you for reading everyone!! (⌒▽⌒ゞ



an awkward person who likes many things such as comics/cosplay/books/horror/cartoons and possibly many more.

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