About The Wolfy

Character Name: Wolfy

Character Race: A Nerd from the land of Awkward

Current level: 25


  • Binge reading
  • Binge watching
  • Defeating spicy foods
  • The curiosity of new things!!


  • Puppies
  • Adulting
  • All the sweets and junk food
  • And probably many more things….


  1. Express my ramblings in a fun way!
  2. To be able to share knowledge if I have any to others.
  3. Possibly be amusing or learn from others.
  4. To be a dork.

Personality: I’m a very shy and awkward person but been told am really passionate when I’m talking about subjects I love like horror movies or comics or cartoon or etc…and so with this mix of personal that is me I’ve been told that I should try blogging out so here I am!